Font Of House sound engineer

Looking for a great sound engineer for an important event? Kim’s eighteen years’ experience of FOH engineering brings audio quality and consistency to every show she does. Kim is equally at home with the latest digital desks and the classic analogue boards too!

Monitor engineer

Want a fantastic onstage sound? It’s a simple fact that when the band is happy they play better. Kim loves mixing monitors and has extensive experience with both conventional wedges and in-ear monitor systems.

PA hire

Kim works with some of the best PA hire companies in the north east of England. Whenever you need PA, give her a call and she will point you in the direction of some reasonably priced, quality sound companies. If you’re not sure what you need, let her know what your event is and she can specify a PA or monitor system for you.

System testing and repair

Does your sound system not sound as good as you think it could, or does it sometimes misbehave? Have you got failed components and have no idea where or how to get them repaired? Kim can fix cables, repair or replace broken or faulty components and make sure your system is running at 100%.

System Alignment

Not getting the most out of your sound system or wondering if it can give you more? Give Kim a call and she’ll give your installed or mobile system a complete audio health check with the Smaart 7 Measurement system and see if there is anywhere your sound quality can be improved.

Downloadable CV please click here.